If you are looking for my older Image Stacking software CombineZP, you can download the installation file from HERE. Please note that there is no guarantee that this will work on newer versions of Windows, and I am no longer maintaining it.

Welcome to my website here you will find my program Czimps for testing which which will perform many image processing tasks, including image stacking when you use an approprioate function list, not available yet. ;   and my virtual Arthropod collection i.e. pictures I have taken of specimens I have found in the Sheffield (UK) area.

Organization of the site

I will try to split the enormous number of species down into smaller groups,  often families, then you can follow the links to a family which will list the genera that I have found, and from there go on to the individual species.   Latin species and genus names are in italics, all the rest in ordinary type.   The information is kept to a minimum, and is often a rather drastic generalization, do web searches and consult books, post questions in news groups etc. if you require more info.

About the pictures

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None of my pictures have been retouched, but many are made from several others to increase depth of focus (see CombineZ below) this can result in unusual artifacts such as bits missing from the middle of bristles, so be on your guard.  Many of the specimens have suffered the ravages of time, natural colour and shape change after death, damp, mould, pests etc. so please make allowances for this; and remember parts of the images will inevitably be out of focus.


The information presented here is only my interpretation of what I have read, in books or on the net, or observed for myself, and as such there may be errors or omissions, I would like to apologize for these in advance, and ask anyone who finds any to let me know so that I can correct them for other peoples benefit.   You should always check names and information gathered from here before you use it/them as I cannot guarantee their accuracy.


New Pictures:-  Some to Identify or Confirm ID

Czimps My software to do image processing.

Playing Videos

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