Playing Videos

I have started adding some videos produced by CombineZM, I will eventually standardize the way they appear on the pages, I have been experimenting to find the best way to include these files so there may well be some inconsistancies at the moment.   Note there are a few animated .gif files at the moment, these may be replaced in time.


The movie above is of the eye of a hovverfly through the microscope, you can see how hairy it is.   If you can't see the movie try clicking on the hyperlink above it.   If that won't work right click and save the file to your computer and open it from there.

If you use CombineZM, and some other programs, you will be able to extract the frames of a movie and examine them individually.   The command in CZ is File->Extract Frames, then find the file you wish to use in the file selector.   Once loaded into CZ use the Up and Down arrows to view the frames individually.

If you are using Windows and wish .wmv files to show on web pages Windows Media Player's proxy settings may need altering to 'Automatic', and there may be settings on the Tools->Options dialog e.g. Advanced->Multimedia->Play Animations in Webpages in media player 10.